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Tourist Transport Agency

When some people would like to travel; the doubt of how to get where they need to go, and when they need to be there; is simply to cancel the trip. It is true that traveling around Morocco can be a little difficult, particularly in comparison to other countries with high-speed rail lines and well-developed public transport systems.Nevertheless, this is not a problem anymore. Our travel agency is really well organized and has a professional team that is very flexible with our dear clients. Our transport company has many and many great deals.


Tourist Transport Agency in Fez

Our tourist transport agency in Fez; offers tourist transport to pick you up or drop you off from Fez Sais airport to your stay. Or from or to Fez train station. We can also handle transportation to any airport in Morocco, including Mohamed V airportin Casablanca, Rabat-Salé airport, Marrakech-Menara airport, Tangier Ibn Battouta airportor even the harbor…etc. Our private driver is flexible with you to help you with all your needs.

The flexibility of our Tourist Transport Agency

Our Tourist transport agency based in Fez is so flexible with its clients and offers great deals to different places in Morocco with the best team and best price and according to your budget. Therefore, our Transport Company has transfers for Fez desert tours, to discover the beauty of the Sahara; it is really like another planet. In addition, we have trips for Fez excursions, to Meknes It is included some huge doors like Bab Mansour and spot Hdim. In the other hand, Volubilis is the Berber and Roman city in Morocco situated close to the city of Meknes. Not forgetting to visit Moulay Idriss, which was once a rival for the ruler of the Muslim Empire in the 8th century and fled to Morocco after being beaten. In addition, you can go on a trip to a small town called Sefrou. It is famous a Festival of cherry, and a beautiful small waterfall. There are also other amazing cities must be visited, such as Ifrane the Switzerland of Morocco, Azrou the Berber village in the middle atlas, Chefchaouen the blue pearl of Morocco, Rabat the beautiful capital, Casablanca the biggest city and economical capital, Marakech the red city and Tangier the prettiest…

To book, do not hesitate to contact us at any time! We are available to answer all your questions and offer you the offer that suits you the most.