Fez Excursions

Excursions In / From Fez

You want have an excursion in Fez? Then, you are in the right place. You can nowtrymany activities in Fez and see many different placeswith our travel agency in Fezand with the best price.

Fez Guide Tour

Our professional tourguidewill pick you up from your place Hotel/ Riad in an air-conditioned and comfortabletransport. To explore Fez, our tour starts from the beautiful Royal Palace, its gates are made of copper, marble and small pieces of zaalij (Mosaic). First, we visit the old Jewish Quarter in North Africa back to the 17th century. Then, the beautiful JananSbil Garden to refresh your mind with the air in that green space. Last and not least, we visit the Fez pottery and mosaic apprentice school.

After that, we head right inside the old medina of Fez to visit the oldest and biggest tannery in Africa, where employees use only natural colors to produce high-quality leather. Then we will visit some Islamic schools beginning at Al-Qarawiyyin University, the oldest, largest and the first mosque founded in Fez.It has a special reputation and an immense impact on the growth of Fez. In the meantime, we move to other universities, such as: MedersaBouanania, built in AD 1351–56 by Sultan Abu InanFaris, widely known as an excellent example of the superb Marinid architecture and Medersa Al-Attarine, produced by Sultan Uthman II Abu Said. We guide you to visit the magnificent MoulayIdriss Mausoleum, NejjarineFondouk, with its geometrically decorated tiles and intricately carved cedar eaves overhead.

PS: We are flexible with customers if they need any specific places to discover. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fez Transport

Our agency offers you a very comfortable transport that can take wherever you want in Morocco. So you can book with us a day trip to Mekenes, Volubilis, Ifrane, Azrou, or Immouzer.

 Mekness, Volubilis and MoulayIdriss

We’re beginning our day trip from Fez to Meknes to see the sights of the medina. Instead we travel to Volubilis to explore the dreamland town of the 4th century.  It is a place where you can see the architectural ruins of the Roman Empire and the glory of the Roman Empire. You can visit the town of MolayDriss, which was forbidden to non-Muslims until 1916. Today, it attracts tourists from all over the world to see and learn its history.

Immouzer, Ifrane and Azrou

We’ll begin our trip from Fez to Immouzer, a beautiful berber village between Fez and Ifrane. We’ll go to Ifran, known as Morocco’s Switzerland. You’ll soon see why when you see homes that look like Swiss chalets, clean wide streets and plenty of big cedars. We can also stop in the beautiful bustling city of Azrou, full of stores, cafes, restaurants and scenic views. After a full day, we’ll continue our drive back to Fes with as many stops as you’d like.